HolzKunst by #HelmutHerzeg / WoodArt by #HelmutHerzeg / ArtDuBois du #HelmutHerzeg

Unsere Produkte werden in Deutschland von Hand und nachhaltig gefertigt.

tanja.seifert@gmx.net oder +49 170 31 61 279

Our products are made by hand and sustainably in Germany.

. For pricing and more information, please contact us at: tanja.seifert@gmx.net or +49 170 31 61 279

Nos produits sont fabriqués à la main et de manière durable en Allemagne.

Pour les prix et plus d’informations, veuillez nous contacter à: tanja.seifert@gmx.net où +49 170 31 61 279

Two owls

2 Hearts (wedding decor)

Fathers Day

The bear family (Kids birthday party)

Sometime (whole year decoration)

Candle light (Christmas decor)

The hen (Easter decor)

Funny bunny (Easter decor)

Tulips (whole year decor)

Black and White (whole year decor)

The palm (whole year decor)

Oink Oink (whole year decor)

The butterfly (whole year decor)

Love you (whole year decor)

Mystery (whole year decor)

Canlde light (Christmas decor)

Hens and goose (whole year decor )

Sweet angel (Christmas decor)

For your heart (wedding decor)

Pray (whole year decor)

The moose (whole year decor)

Angels (whole year decor)

I give you my light (whole year decor)

Christmas tree (Christmas decor)

Sweet pig (whole year decor)

Your guardian angel (whole year decor)

Birdies (whole year decor)

The pig family (whole year decor)