The unique world of art

I have to admit that I’m an art fanatic. I love beautiful paintings and whenever I have the opportunity I go to a museum or an art gallery. Art is very important to us humans because it shows us things that we may not even really notice. With playful ease, art opens us the world of creativity, dreams and the impossible possible. Therefore I would like to take the opportunity to introduce wonderful painters here. We start with a young woman from Colombia. I was immediately fascinated by her works. I love the colors, the lightness and the happiness she spreads and you find in her paintings. Yuliana Arias Sanchez is born in Colombia, a beautiful country with a diverse nature and wildlife. 

Yuliana Arias Sanchez

Photocredit by Yuliana Arias Sanchez

Who are you? 

I’m Yuliana Arias Sanchez a Colombian artist and journalist born in 1988. I studied Journalism in Social Communication at the University of Quindío, Colombia. I have a diploma in Digital Marketing from the Technological University of Pereira. 

Throughout my life I have always been linked to the world of art and design, for which I studied Fashion Design at the Andap academy in Pereira, Colombia. Also, I received private art and painting classes with different teachers from different stylistic backgrounds. 

Currently, I’m living in Charlotte, NC in the United States, where I’m working full time in my art. 

When and why did you start with painting? Your paintings are colorful and full of joy. Do you have a special message you want to spread? 

I started painting a long time ago, since I can remember I have liked art, however, since I was in college, I used to paint some T-shirts and paintings, but I left it for a while when I was working as a journalist for different newspapers, so I did it alone. in free times. But since I arrived in the United States a year ago and the pandemic began, in quarantine I had enough time to paint and since I enjoy it so much, I have a already been dedicated to art full time, it is my passion and my work. 

My work is rich in nuances, textures and content. I am inspired by the elegance and joy of color to express harmony and beauty, and to evoke positive emotions in those who admire my art. I believe that art should express beauty in some sense, although this is a very subjective concept, that is why I try to recreate happy and colorful scenes in my paintings, images that raise the vibe of a space and of those who are close to it. That those who are observing one of my paintings can recharge their energy with joy. 

Where can we find resp. purchase your works of art? 

My paintings are available mainly through social media on my Instagram profile, @yascolombia2020 however, it is possible to find some of my works in two galleries in the United States, in the city of Columbia, SC, The Gilded Frog and Three Oaks Florist and Interiors. 

I like to work with keywords. Can you express your work in a few Keywords?

KEYWORDS Originalart, colombianart, charlotteartist, abstractpainting, decoration, floralart, colorfulpainting, comissionart. 

I really like “The Martiarchy”. It shows 3 women and one baby. Four generations of women. The women are elegant, beautiful and full of grace, I have the feeling. What does being a woman mean to you? 

I made that painting thinking of my grandmother, my mother, my sister and my niece. There are 4 generations of women who are part of me and who represent love, delicacy, goodness and elegance. For me, being a woman is a pride and a blessing. I love being a woman, feminine, delicate, strong, brave, loving, intelligent and creative, because that is what women are. The beauty, goodness and joy of life, without detracting from the presence of man in this world that is so important, because we complement each other. 

Photocredit by Yuliana Arias Sanchez

What is your source of inspiration? 

The life, the love, the joy and beauty. Could be different things but always positives and inspirational things. I feel not comfortable when I try to create something through sadness or painful depression. Some people think that to be a good artist, you have to have a certain predisposition to suffering and darkness to create things, but that is not my case. Many good and renowned artists in history went through high levels of bitterness and were very famous for their works, but I think that from the opposite side it is also possible to inspire and create. 

Photocredit by Yuliana Arias Sanchez

What role does “love” play in your life? 

Love in my life plays a very important role. I believe that in life love is everything, I am not referring exclusively to the love of a couple, but to the love of life itself, of things, dreams and everything. Love is that force that drives us and helps us overcome everything. 

What is your or what are your great passions? 

My passions in life are traveling, family and obviously art. 

What does being beautiful mean to you? 

For me beauty is fullness and harmony. Not only do I speak well on the outside, but also on the inside, reflect good things and convey a sense of well-being. That is a beauty to me 

What does spirituality mean to you? 

The connection with faith. That certainty of believing in something beyond the physical and that there is another plane beyond what we see and which we can feel. 

How do you deal with the past? 

I think the secret is taking care of the present, because something is certain in this life, ‘Everything Happens’, and well, if we don’t want that past to be bad, the present is in our hands. However, there are things that cannot be controlled, so it is best not to tie yourself to the past, but this does not indicate that you forget because if you do you can lose what you have learned with the experience acquired, so you have to be quite intelligent and take what good for not repeating the bad, nor living resentful. 

What do you expect from the future? 

I hope I can impact many with my art, illuminate and brighten spaces. Inspire people through my paintings and continue creating, enjoying and learning every day that I stay in this life. 

What is your next “project”? 

I’m working on a new series of abstract floral message paintings and some art commissions. I am also organizing an upcoming art event to showcase my latest work in Charlotte, NC. 

INFO> The artist herself affirms that her work is difficult to classify into a single style, due to the variety of options present in her paintings, however, one thing is certain, color, beauty, joy and fun are always present in each one of them. Her works are made to inspire, rejoice the soul and spirit and heal spaces. 

Photocredit by Yuliana Arias Sanchez