Tanja Seifert

Date of birth


Place of birth

Stuttgart/ Germany

After I finished school I have studied:

French literature (focusing on existentialism – Albert Camus, Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beavoir) in Menton/ France

English literature (focusing on Shakespeare) in Cambridge/England


Here are the companies, events and people I have worked for and together with in the past 30 years:

Mercedes-Benz AG

Stuttgarter Messe- und Kongressgesellschaft mbH

European Championships of Athletics in Stuttgart, 1986

World Championships of Athletics in Rome, 1987

Olympic Games in Korea, 1988

World Championships of Ahtletics in Tokyo, Japan, 1991

Olympic Games in Albertville, France, 1992

Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain, 1992

World Championships of Athletics in Stuttgart, 1993 – project manager

Assistant to Primo Nebiolo, President of the IAAF

I have also worked in the organizing committees of the following athletics meetings – among others: London, Stockholm, Oslo, Zurich, Monte-Carlo, Malmö, Budapest, Lausanne, Cologne, Berlin, Amsterdam, etc.

Organization of the athletics meeting in Padova, Italy,  for the ZDF

Tennis tournaments in Stuttgart, Barcelona, Moscow

Assistant to Ion Tiriac

Formula I: Williams F1, sponsor events

Sports management agency in Los Angeles

BMW, sales

Flightodrom, events

Books: Single – Happy – Holidays, Urlaubs-Plagen, The Zwuggles, Part 1, Thoughts of a snail, Flowers and Words, Und dann kam Paul…

Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish

Advanced knowledge of: Swedish, Russian, Korean, Dutch, Finnish, Polish