Welcome to my blog

Today is the first time, that I write something on my blog here. I have worked on my homepage in the last days and I have thought about all my products I have created in the last years. I will give them a special touch and my books will be available in future in a different form. The print version will be very special and unique. Wait for it! I’m leaving the normal path now and create uniqueness. I adore nature and every day I learn from it. I’m also on my way to minimalism and get rid of a lot of things. The thing is, I just don’t throw away, I give them a new sense and so for example I created beautiful headbands out of my old clothes. Let’s go on this journey together, I’m happy to share it with you.

This year is the year of transformation

I think 2020 is a special journey for all of us. We all may have to face challenges that we haven’t even thought about. Sometimes we are forced to take new paths and rethink our behavior, desires, goals and daily life. I think everything has a reason. In those moments it helps a lot to be at peace with yourself, your soul, your body, your home and your lessons. You may have got the impression that you have to take a few steps back, but in reality we are always moving forward.

Life will always be full of challenges, but don’t forget that opportunities are everywhere. You only need to see them and you only to find them with an open heart. It’s time to change the perspective, it’s time to rise up, it’s time to live real, it’s time to be true to yourself. Do your best, every day.

Creo que 2020 es un viaje especial para todos nosotros. Es posible que todos tengamos que enfrentar desafíos en los que ni siquiera hemos pensado. A veces nos vemos obligados a tomar nuevos caminos y repensar nuestra forma de comportamiento, deseos, metas y vida diaria. Creo que todo tiene una razón. En esos momentos ayuda mucho estar en paz contigo mismo, tu alma, tu cuerpo, tu hogar y tus lecciones. Puede que tengas la impresión de que tienes que retroceder algunos pasos, pero en realidad siempre estamos avanzando.

La vida siempre estará llena de desafíos, pero no olvides que las oportunidades están en todas partes. Solo necesitas verlos y solo los encuentras con el corazón abierto. Es hora de cambiar la perspectiva, es hora de elevarse, es hora de vivir de verdad, es hora de ser sincero contigo mismo. Haz tu mejor esfuerzo, todos los días.



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